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About TiredSole

We are a State-of-the-Art Nursing Mobile Medical Foot Care Clinic Service in the Ottawa Area

Come visit our NEW, high-end foot care clinic in the heart of Barrhaven. Our state-of-the-art clinic has Certified Compression and lymphedema fitters, foot care nurses and the ability to preform an ABPI reading with out the long wait times of the Acute care hospitals.

We provide many new cutting edge treatments for fungal nails, wart removal and other foot-related ailments. If you are suffering from foot pain, skin tags, toe-nail fungus, Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis, our Laser Light Therapy is the best treatment. We use the FOX 980 Laser—a revolutionary podiatry tool and proven effective over drug therapy. This non-invasive technique helps reduce pain and inflammation.

TiredSole is the only medical office in Ottawa that uses the FOX 980 Laser to treat foot conditions.

Foot care is performed by registered and insured nurses with over 20 years of experience. We use a state-of-the art autoclave machine to ensure proper sterilization of all tools and to diminish the risk of infection. We use gold standard infection control. Our ultrasonic cleaner loosens debris, we then pack each set of tools in individual sterile bags, put bags in the autoclave to become sterile to the point of use.Opened in front of each patient.

Our new TiredSole clinic features hard wood floors, spacious private rooms for laser and foot care, huge roof top deck, and stone wall with double sided fireplace.

TiredSole Foundation

TiredSole believes in giving back to the community. We have created a group called Milestones, where together we find a purpose and raise funds for those in need.

Whether it be a sponsorship, funds for lower income seniors, or fundraisers, together we can make a difference.

Please call the office for more information on how we can help raise funds for your cause.

TiredSole Foundation logo

"We've created an oasis for you to get away from it all!"

TiredSole Services

Foot care services are performed in our state-of-the-art clinic, but are also offered
in any of the following locations:

  • The privacy of your own home
  • A hospital
  • A long-term care facility
  • Residential facilities

Fox Low-Level Laser Therapy

Theraputic uses include:

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Anti-pain (analgestic)
  • Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth
  • Faster wound healing
  • Increased metabolic activity

Effective for treatment of

  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Achillies Tendonitis (accompanied by deep tissue massage)

This non-invasive technique helps reduce pain and inflammation. The laser supplies light energy to cells, causing cells to repair damaged tissue and enhances the body’s natural healing process. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of laser therapy as an alternative to drug therapy and surgery.

Patients will notice an immediate pain reduction following the laser session sometimes up to 90% (full potential of treatment is usually reached within 2-3 months).

The FOX 980 Laser is Health Canada certified and FDA approved.

Compression Therapy

There are two different categories of compression stockings: over-the-counter or medically prescribed. The over-the-counter stockings are a lighter compression and fit according to your shoe size, your height and weight. Medical compression stockings offer a stronger compression which is personalized to your medical needs. These can only be provided under the guidance of a medical professional. Tired Sole can test for peripheral vascular disease using an ankle brachial index Doppler test and provide diagnostic readings for your compression stocking prescription. This test takes about three minutes and is covered by your extended medical coverage.

Fungal Nail Treatment

We use the laser to penetrate the nail elevating the temperature to a level which destroys the fungal infection (does not affect soft tissue).

Wart Removal

Laser applies focused radiation that results in burnt tissue. The burnt tissue will separate from the healthy tissue underneath and fall off. The warts roots and its blood supply are completely gone.

Child-Friendly Foot Care Services

We offer a child-friendly environment and provide iPads and stickers to keep the children distracted during their procedures. The following services are suitable for children of all ages and are tailored based on the needs of your child.

  • Compression socks to reduce pain to limbs from sports related trauma are available for children in various sizes.
  • Ingrown nail removal using a topical numbing agent, which helps cool the painful toe for easy pain-free removal. Bracing is also used, acting like a spring, to gently straighten and lift each side of the toenail, reducing pressure against the skin.
  • Low level laser therapy for sore heels and feet.
  • Wart removal is done by targeting the wart directly without damaging the tender skin around it. It is recommended that a topical anesthetic, such as EMLA, be applied to the affected area at least one hour prior to your visit. EMLA can be purchased from our clinic and is also available at pharmacies. Just ask your pharmacist.

"Prevention is Key"

TiredSole Products

Striving for the very best for your feet and your very individual needs and conditions,
TiredSole carries GEHWOL products from Germany.

Products include:

GEHWOL Everything for the well-being of the feet

Therapeutic products using natural ingredients that focus on inward healing to achieve outer beauty. The best combination of nature and science.

GEHWOL med. Salve - to treat heavily callused, brittle, dry and rough skin and helps the skin to regain its natural softness, smoothness and elasticity.

GEHWOL Caring Footdeo - A blend of natural essential oils made from rosemary and lavender to revive and stimulate feet, providing a long-lasting deodorizing and re- freshing effect.

GEHWOL med Protective and Moisturizing Skin Oil effectively treats fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot.

Gehwol Med Foot Powder This product is the perfect support for the treatment of fungal infections on the feet and between the toes. Effective protection against fungal infections, deodorises the feet and keeps them dry.

Fusskraft Leg Vitality The active substances contained in GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Leg Vitality have a positive effect on the circulation and vascular system. The effect can be increased with a light massage. Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for diabetics.

Toe spacers and protectors (to aid in pressure relief)


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JOBST Compression hosiery

Comfort Health and Style! JOBST® specializes in improving the quality of life for those suffering from venous & lymphatic diseases. They develop and manufacture medical products used in the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases including: varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymphoedema. Visit their website for more information.


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CEP The intelligent Sportswear

Premium quality high-performance sportswear that combine function and maximum comfort with the highest degree of healthy and performance-enhancing effects.


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MEDI Fashion. Sport. Comfort.

More than 60 years of experience managing circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues with compression technology. High-tech clothing for virtually every kind of sport.


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Footlogix B/S Ingrown Nail Brace

The Footlogix B/S brace aides healthy growth of the ingrown toe-nail.


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