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New Procedures/Treatements

Post Treatment Wart Removal ( Laser)

  Laser Wart Treatment The number of laser treatments will depend on many factors such as: The age and type of wart (mosaic and common warts are harder to treat). 2) Any previous OTC treatments received. These treatments may have created scar tissue around and on top of the affected area, in turn increasing the […]

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Our Laser once again proves the best !

Maria Gatto · 22 August 2017 I have been receiving low level laser treatments for the pain in both my feet. Lisa Brittany and all the staff have been amazing and attentive. They truly care for their patients. I would recommend Tired Soles to my friends and family. Will be bringing my mom in to […]

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Fungal Nail Removal with our Laser

Fungal Nail Infection Highly effective against wide spectrum of pathogens Nail Fungus treatment with the FOX Laser. Background Obtain a medical history and signed consent. Contraindications for this treatment are peripheral neuropathy and pregnancy. As Onychomycosis could be caused by different pathogens (e.g. Dermatophytes), the pathogen should be microbiological analyzed before laser treatment. In the […]

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Vascular Lesion removal with our Laser

Vascular Lesions Telangiectasia, Spider Veins, Campbell De Morgans Spots Typical case of foot Telangiectasia. Background Telangiectasia are dilated small blood vessels, purple and red, found most commonly on the thighs or lower legs. Telangiectasia are different from Spider veins their visual appearance, common location and the way they fill up after applying surface pressure. (Spider […]

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Do you Have Inflammation ? Info on our Laser

Inflammation Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Capsulitis Chronic pain is an indication of a soft tissue inflammation, a powerful laser will not only alleviate pain but more importantly provide a therapeutic solution. Background Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue (the plantar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes. In this […]

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Compression Socks really are Life changing / Nov 2016

To the 2 great professionals at tiredsole, thanks for looking after me. Not only do I get top class attention, the casual atmosphere in the clinic makes a person feel right at home. Although it’s only a few hours since wearing the compression socks I can feel the difference. Thanks again. Declan   Hello. Just […]

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BS Brace in Action ! ( used for ingrown nails )

Good afternoon Lisa, just wanted to send a BIGGG thank you to you and your team for helping Charlton with this ingrown toenail! You’ve done a fantastic job and we are all soooo pleased! As you know Charlton is an NCAA soccer player who goes to university in upstate New York. As a kid who’s […]

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One Free Low Level Laser Therapy

New Patients, for the month of July may receive 1 free LLLT to one body part and existing patients can use one different body part. Purchase a package of 4 treatments to be used once weekly for 3 weeks for $250.00 and first 3 get a free Shirt May be covered under extended Medical  613-823-3668 […]

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A quite room for the Immunocompromised

The immunocompromised group comprises a wide range of patients with disordered immune systems. These include primary immune deficiency, AIDS, and patients who are immunocompromised from medical treatment such as chemotherapy or following organ or bone marrow transplantation.

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