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Teaching Services

TiredSole wants to be able to assist the Canadian Association Of Foot Care Nurses on regulating foot care in the province. This means teaching our health care professionals in the position of caring for others and can define what it means when we say


We at TiredSole can provide your facility or agency with the tools to promote the knowledge to others and patients on what to look for while caring for their patients as well as what questions need to be asked when searching for a Foot Care Nurse. It has been proven that knowledge is power and with TiredSole’s motto Prevention is Key (#prevetioniskey) we can help increase your staffs ability to spot a footcare or leg issue before it beings, thus saving time, money and the stress of an explanation to family and POA’s.

We have had way to many family members criticize a facility and putting their reputation on the line because they are disgusted by the appearance of mom or dad’s feet. Family either feel a tremendous amount of guilt because they never knew to look at their feet, and are angry because the staff did not have the sense to follow the chain of command and ask for proper assistance. Was mom or dad neglected because of the staff’s ignorance to report the shape of their parent’s feet?

We have had those calls….way too many of them and that’s why we want to educate.

Who has the first contact of care with your patients in your facility or agency?

Do they assist with ADL’s in the AM/PM?

What if it was your facility and that your nurses or support staff have not reported the shape of a patient’s nails, feet or legs?

How does your facility recover from a social media post claiming neglect?

Be better…Be stronger…Be more knowledgeable about Gold Standard care at your facility.

Stand out from the many facilities and agencies in the city by having the best, up-to-date knowledge on Gold Standard Care.

TiredSole has the ability to teach the foot care basics to support staff and advanced diabetic foot care to nurses. (Certificate of completion when requested.)

TiredSole has certified compression fitters that can teach lower leg complications such as Edema and vascular disease causing ulcers cellulites or lymphedema. ABPI’s to help assist in the decision of mmhg when using compressions increase your foot care clientele by having support staff that are knowledgeable in foot care and know when to call their coordinators for increased support from your agency. This knowledge will in turn, increase your services to the home or hospital.

For more information please contact us for individual pricing and group rates. Please state how many nurses, group size and of what designation.

TiredSole, in the spirit of giving back and shopping local will with each new facility contract for foot care, will donate 10% of the total raised each month right back into the facility.
This means residents who can not afford foot care can now get it paid for from the facility and the left over cash flow would go to the activities department so the funds can be used toward outings and or meals out.

For a foot care contract in your residential facility call for more information. Facility foot care is less than in-home visits.

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