Ron Humick WOW believe me when I say I have tried everything to get rid of the pain in both my feet. I have arthritis in both feet and makes it difficult to walk, exercise, or any activities with my grandkids…I have tried creams from Voltaren, Livrelief, to Biofreeze etc etc…Nothing worked, then along came Lisa/Tiredsole!!!!!!


  Barry Kinny 5starThanks Lisa and Courtney, for getting me running again. It was good to see your smiling faces once a week, and the laser treatment seemed to clear up most of the scar tissue in my heal… Feels good to run again. I’ll be sure to visit with some coffee.

Thanks again


Paige Murry  I’ve had a planters wart on the bottom of both feet for 7 plus years. It was causing me pain and altering the way I walk creating even more issues and foot pain. Last year I spent over 400 dollars getting them removed. It was EXTREMELY painful and I had to take a week off work because I couldn’t walk. Three months later they came back and left scaring damage on my foot. My mom put me on contact with Lisa to get the warts removed. As soon I walked in the atmosphere was fun, professional and comfortable!!! Who thought a trip to get your feet fixed could be fun!? But Lisa was very personable enthusiastic and professional. She used a laser and the pain was nothing!!! Walking on my feet the same day! Not to mention the price was so affordable! The only bad part about this experience was not visiting sooner ! Thanks so much Lisa !!


 Rebecca Young What an amazing place! The nurses take great pride in the work they do.


 Katie Squires Hidden gem! I had been running by their sign for months thinking I need to ask if they treat corns. Loved being surprised by the “spa” like feel with such a beautiful space, and loved the Expresso! Treatment was fantastic, painless and I am so going back for their beautiful compression socks!