New Patients, for the month of July may receive 1 free LLLT to one body part and existing patients can use one different body part.

Purchase a package of 4 treatments to be used once weekly for 3 weeks for $250.00 and first 3 get a free Shirt

May be covered under extended Medical  613-823-3668 call today ( July Only )

Fox Laser light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy ! Laser Therapy is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that uses light energy to repair and regenerate cells in the body. Laser Therapy has been proven to reduce the need for medication, improve the outcomes for conditions treated, and increase the recover rates of affected tissues. In many instances, surgery can be delayed or even avoided. Short and Long Term Benefits: There are many benefits to Laser Light Therapy. Some include: • Increased endorphin production resulting in reduced need for pain medicationElevates ATP production increased energy for cellsImproved immune responseStimulates DNA productionhealingPromotes collagen synthesisImproves lymphatic drainage – reduces swellingPromotes angiogenesis – improves circulation

 What is a Laser,

Laser is an acronym. A laser emits photon particles.

L – light A – amplification

S – stimulated

E – emission

R – radiation

The laser supplies light energy to the cells. Cells use this energy to repair damaged tissues. When placed in contact with the skin the laser enhances the body’s natural healing process. Laser Therapy is widely used in the medical and cosmetic fields. It is non-destructive to the injured tissue and promotes many positive functions such as collagen formation, cellular metabolism, angiogenesis, lymphatic flow, and energy production.