Jeff Hoganson feeling strong at Tiredsole/ Complete Medical Foot Care and More.
59 mins · Ottawa ·
So I know that as a friend of a small business owner we post or share their websites and help promote their business cause that’s what friends do. But I need to make a special call out to Tired Sole and Lisa Garland ( and you too Courtney Drevniok) because without the laser therapy I have gotten there on my elbows ( golfers elbow and tennis elbow) I would not be able to bore you with all those push up videos. But more than that I can now golf again pain free. In fact I can do all kinds of things pain free that I have not been able to in a number of years like hockey, yard work etc etc. So thank you very much ! If you suffer from joint pain call Lisa and find out what she can do to help you!!!