I feel it is very important to send my sincerest thanks to Carole. When
she visited with my husband, Edwin Sanford, earlier this week to cut his
nails, she became concerned about the wound on his leg. She thought
there might be an infection and she called CCAC to have a wound-care
nurse sent immediately to look at it. A swab was taken that night and I
picked it up the next morning and dropped it off at the lab. We found
out today that the wound has “a heavy growth of staphylococcus-aureus
and a heavy growth of corynebacterium species” (the doctor had to spell
these for me so don’t be too impressed).

Without Carole’s intervention, I have no idea when it would have been
discovered that he has this serious infection but, thankfully, he is to
be put on antibiotics immediately.

So, Carole, thank you so much. You are indeed an angel and I think God
sent you to help us.

Kindest regards,