Fungal Nail Infection
Highly effective against wide spectrum of pathogens

Nail Fungus treatment with the FOX Laser.
Obtain a medical history and signed consent.
Contraindications for this treatment are peripheral neuropathy and pregnancy.
As Onychomycosis could be caused by different pathogens (e.g. Dermatophytes), the pathogen should be microbiological analyzed before laser treatment.
In the presence of hyper-keratotic infections, the infected nail residues should be removed mechanically – it is not necessary if an atrophic infection is present.
Projecting infected nails or applied nail polish has to be removed in any case.
The thickened portions of the nail should be debrided.
Assess treatment area for decreased sensation/numbness prior to treatment, use common methods such as a Medical Monofilament® 10gr Sensory Testing Tool.
** Advise patients to bring fresh socks, to be worn immediately after the treatment **
Laser is applied approx. 2.5 minutes per nail (big toe), delivering approx. 500-700 joules.
A second pass is applied within a a few minutes (in total 1000-1400 joules are applied to the toenail).
Small toes usually require approx. 100 joules per pass.
Intermediate cooling is applied, to allow a comfortable and fully tolerable treatment to the patient.
The entire nail is treated, including the proximal area above the matrix.

Treatment is repeated once a month, number of treatments depends on the infection severity, patient’s general health and age group, and the strains of the pathogens; common fungi pathogens (T. Rubrum and T. Mentagrophytes) will require 4 treatments, secondary bacterial infections (e.g. Pseudomonas) is present. will be eliminated as well during the treatment.