Vascular Lesions
Telangiectasia, Spider Veins, Campbell De Morgans Spots

Typical case of foot Telangiectasia.
Telangiectasia are dilated small blood vessels, purple and red, found most commonly on the thighs or lower legs.
Telangiectasia are different from Spider veins their visual appearance, common location and the way they fill up after applying surface pressure. (Spider veins blanch with pressure, and refill again from the centre outwards).
During a typical coagulation treatment, laser radiation will absorb within the vessel resulting in visible color change – from red to light gray (for capillaries) or from blue to dark grey (small veins) ; these will indicate that a proper coagulation was performed.
The FOX laser is extremely effective in coagulating small lesions, as it’s infrared radiation effectively absorbs in hemoglobin (and oxyhemoglobin). The treatment is done with an optical handpiece that precisely focus the laser beam spot to absorb in the lesion.
Cooling and topical anesthesia are needed. A single treatment is usually sufficient to get rid from many common skin lesions. Treatment should not cause any pain or discomfort! if patient report on discomfort, more frequent cooling should be used. Results while usually evident immediately, will require approx. two weeks.