Before her appointment, my”almost eight” year old was a little nervous and had no idea what to expect. Thank you Lisa and Jen for making the visit comfortable, fun and pain free… Oh, and successfully removing her wart quickly and effectively!
Highly recommend Lisa and her team! Thank you!


Love love love the “Laser” it worked on my witchy mole on my face, no scarring or sign of it anymore! Wootwoot.. Kudos to all the ladies at Tiredsole.. you took great care of me! Thanks!


Great service, amazing nurses, and minimal pain for wart removal. Highly recommend this clinic


Both my daughter and I went to see Lisa for Wart removal treatment. The office is beautiful, very laid back yet professional. they make you feel like family. Having been to Ottawa Foot Practice i can tell you first hand, the laser treatment at Tired Sole is completely different. there is no comparison between the two. I highly recommend Tired Sole..thanks Lisa, you’re a foot saver!!!!

Lisa has this magical machine that can zap plantar warts right off your feet. Honestly if I would have known Lisa and this machine existed I would have come running to Lisa long ago. Apparently this is one of the only machines in Ottawa. I say if you have been suffering from plantar warts skip the doctors office and go right to Lisa – you will be so very happy you did.


I’ve had a planters wart on the bottom of both feet for 7 plus years. It was causing me pain and altering the way I walk creating even more issues and foot pain. Last year I spent over 400 dollars getting them removed. It was EXTREMELY painful and I had to take a week off work because I couldn’t walk. Three months later they came back and left scaring damage on my foot. My mom put me on contact with Lisa to get the warts removed. As soon I walked in the atmosphere was fun, professional and comfortable!!! Who thought a trip to get your feet fixed could be fun!? But Lisa was very personable enthusiastic and professional. She used a laser and the pain was nothing!!! Walking on my feet the same day! Not to mention the price was so affordable! The only bad part about this experience was not visiting sooner ! Thanks so much Lisa !!