The need for Foot Care in our community gets greater and greater with each new Diabetes diagnoses. Finally more and more GP’s are looking and teaching their patients about lower leg and foot care. Prevention really is the key to avoid lower leg amputations.

There is not a day that goes by that we at TiredSole™ do not hear a story about an issues at a salon or a GP trying to re create the wheel with new OTC tropicals to cure or help ingrown nails and warts.

This amazing group of Nurses who consist of both RN’s and RPN’s received a certificate with education and hands on teaching that  soon will become a national standard in footcare. With No regulation for Foot care in our Province, people are at risk if they do not understand and are aware of cross contamination and infection.

Please be sure to ask :

What education your nurse has and from where ?

Do they upgrade with containing education in their field so they are practicing with the highest level of care ?

How their instruments are sterilized ?( Our regulatory body states our instruments are deemed Critical instruments )

Foot Care Clinical Hands on Jan. 2018