Home and Facility Visits ( June 2020 )

We hope everybody is staying well and safe!
I wanted to give everyone another quick update on where we are with Visits and how TiredSole™ is handling this new normal. We are continuing to request that if you normally have a home or clinic visit at a Seniors Center that you make every effect to try to book at the main clinic. It looks like facilities and some Senior recreation Centres may not be able to take external staff until Aug/Sept because of the increase of Covid-19 cases at our Long Term Care Centers. We have some Nurses available to start home visits in June but we are really limited to specific areas at a time and can not offer as much flexibility as we normally do. We want to be sure your safety and the Nurse’s safety are not in question.

In the main clinic, we will continue to make sure you are comfortable and feel safe. Erin and Manon ( ADMIN) will have a plastic barrier at the desk as soon as it arrives. Admin wants to thank everyone for keeping your distance and respecting everyone’s space. You can continue to use the back stairs to leave if you are able to, this will avoid extra contact in the stairwell. We are waiting for a motion-activated hand sanitizer for the stairwell so hands can be washed prior and after your appointments. We would ask that if wearing gloves to your appointment makes you feel more comfortable that you PLEASE spray your gloves with our disinfectant before you enter the clinic. Unlike your hands being washed pre and post appointment, we have no clue what your gloves have touched before you have entered the clinic, this may help you protect yourself but puts everybody else at risk. A simple handwash will rid any viruses. We learn new things almost hourly with this new strain of Carona, but we do know that is weak on surfaces and can be killed with soap and water SO PLEASE continue to wash your hands after touching anything – Make sense?

Thank you all so much for your continued support, Loads of Love from the TiredSole™ Team

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