Medical Foot Care looks at the overall health of the feet and can be basic or advanced depending on individual needs.  Medical foot care does not include foot baths / soaking or application of nail polish. 

 Medical foot care is performed by trained and qualified Foot Care Nurses (FCN).  They can assess and treat skin, nail and foot conditions (calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, yellow nails and everything in between) and can advise you on preventative treatment.  Our Nurses can also assess feet for circulation, sensation and edema  (swelling).

Everyone can benefit from foot care, particularly people with conditions such as diabetes, decreased or impaired mobility, decreased circulation and/or visual impairments. Ingrown nails, deep corns can all be assisted with at TiredSole™ in your home or at any of our clinics. Extended Medical can cover up to 80% so please check with your provider. No extended Medical? treatments can be used on annual taxes as a medical expense.