We treat plantar (on feet) warts (solitary; mosaic) and common warts (hands, knees, elbows, etc.) using the Fox 980 Laser.  The laser helps to eradicate the Papilloma virus and coagulates the wart’s capillaries. 

The number of treatments will depend on the size & type of wart, how long you have had it and any existing scar tissue surrounding the area due to OTC treatments (freezing; salicylic acid; liquid nitrogen, etc.).

Laser treatments are recommended every 4 weeks and may include debridement to remove dead tissue surrounding the wart and expose the roots. Our kid friendly room lets the little humans sit with ease while watching netflix or playing on the ipad.

A topical cream is available for purchase for anyone who would like some numbing to the area

Check out our blog post for a more in depth look at what our laser really does