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Wart Removal ( kid friendly )

Kids and Laser Wart Removal

Post Treatment Pic No down time and no open areas and NO PAIN  next apt follow up in 4 weeks to be sure it’s blood supply has been ...

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      WE do not prepare with an injection ! we use a topical numbing agent if needed ~ usually not needed in adults

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Warts / Laser Treatment

Background Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV); The virus causes skin to grow faster than usual, forming a bump. Though HPV is ...

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Late Fee / Cancelation Fee Policy

Late Arrival / Cancellation / Missed Appointment Policy Our goal at TiredSole is to provide you and your family with convenient, accessible, high ...

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Post Treatment Wart Removal ( Laser)

  Laser Wart Treatment The number of laser treatments will depend on many factors such as: The age and type of wart (mosaic and common warts ...

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Laser Wart Removal : Testimonials

Copied off our Facebook Page:  Heather Snelson reviewed Tiredsole Complete Medical Foot ...

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