Are you an RPN or RN with experience in the field or are looking to expand your skill set into a new field? A career in foot care enables you to set up a flexible full-time or part-time schedule by allowing you to set your own hours, on your own terms. check out TiredSole™ Skills for nurses for course description and Info.

NURSES –  includes Online Theory ( 6 weeks to complete ) followed by one on one shadowing of an experienced Foot Care Nurse and 3 clinical hands-on day’s

Clinic face to face dates :  March 2023 Full 

April 20th-22nd   /      June 1st-3rd     /   July and August OFF     /    September TBA    /   November TBA

 *Limited spots available a deposit will be required to hold your spot for clinical because of the increase in demand. for more in-depth information               

We are so proud to introduce the amazing support of NSWOC. NSWOC is now a proud partner of TiredSole™ Advanced Foot Care Course. We can better provide for our patients with the knowledge of wound care and foot care when Nursing in the Community. We can’t be happier to provide any Nurse taking our Foot Care Course a discounted code to take  NSWOC Wound Care Courses. Are you a Nurse and a member of NSWOC ? WE are happy to announce that when you apply to take our Advanced Foot Care Program, with proof of membership you will receive 10% off the course fee’s 

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