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New Member of our Family ( Cryo Mini )

Non Contact Skin cooling System


The Cryo Mini will help with all our laser treatments to become more comfortable, and add the ability to carry out each treatment longer for a quicker more affective result.

 The Zimmer Non contact skin cooling system, skin can be cooled before during and after treatments, without interfering with the laser application

Laser can be permitted longer and more comfortably \\Cold air can be more selectively directed and localized

Air is filtered and chilled to -10 making for a more comfortable and tolerable laser treatment !

This system will be used in conjunction with :

~Fungal Nail Treatment

~Laser Wart Removal ( remains kid friendly )

~Skin Tag removal

It is in hopes that this Cooling system will replace the Ice spray and Numbing topicals that are currently being used.

Though many adults find our laser has minimal pain, this cooling system will help certain treatments be delivered on higher levels for quicker results and less cost you 👩‍⚕️Take a peak 


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